About user groups

User groups are established under the PF User Association (PF-UA) Management Committee. Their purpose is to promote research activities at PF.

They may also be considered as groups in PF-UA that come together to work towards a common objective. A “common objective” may have more than one aim, such as a target field and measurement method. But within any group, close-knit information exchange is effective in promoting research activities in PF.

There are currently 23 groups. The leader of each group attends group leader meetings at the request of the PF-UA President to discuss, from the standpoint of a user, how to attain the objectives of PF-UA. These include PF operation, plans, and information exchange. Therefore, user groups must operate such that the leader can sufficiently grasp the opinions within the group.

A user group is created when the Management Committee evaluates and approves an application submitted together with a letter of intent. They are subject to renewal evaluations every five years or so; a continuation application, a letter of intent, and an activity report must be submitted. Again, the Management Committee evaluates these documents.

User group activities play an important role in supporting PF-UA. Please participate enthusiastically.

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